The Power of Membership


Our next Board-of-Directors' Meeting: September 24, 2015.  Meeting starts at 09:00 am in the Wheatland REA board room.

If you have a problem with your service, as always, we are available 24 hours a day, everyday, at 307-322-2125 or 800-344-3351.

Want us to fix your outage faster?  Information that helps us is; your pole number, the physical address, the name the service is in and the name of the person calling, and telephone numbers for both. The picture (right) of a meter, with the pole numbers to the left (8E-14-4), will help you identify your pole number for future use if you need it.

We try to keep our Facebook page updated at least every couple of days, and normally update it daily.  It’s a good place to find out what is happening at Wheatland REA.  So…like us on Facebook and stay tuned in to us.

Grassroots Network...
It may not happen in the halls of Congress, but this current administration plans to use numerous federal bureaucracies to fulfill a mission that would vastly alter our way of life and significantly change how we produce and consume energy.  Your opinion needs to be heard!

Too busy?  Do you have friends or family with no internet access?  Stop by the office and sign a consent form to allow us to make comments against the EPA's proposed regulations.  Tell those friends and family members without internet to stop by!  You, the end user, will not only pay the increase in your personal electric bill, you will pay the increase in electricity for every business whose products you buy: from the "raw materials", to the manufacturer, the shipper (several times), the wholesaler and the retailer.  It is vital everyone's voice is heard, so stop by and let us help!    You do not have to be a co-op member to let us help you with this.  Questions?  Call us! 

307-322-2125 or 800-344-3351.

Would you like to learn more? To get involved,  CLICK THE WREA LOGO