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Annual Meeting

The next Wheatland REA Annual Meeting will be March 14, 2018 at the 4-H Building in Wheatland.

2017 Annual Meeting...
Our 80th Annual Meeting is now history.  Approximately 275 people took advantage of the blood-draw at the health fair prior to the meeting.  This year we only had 2 candidates running for re-election in their districts;  Jack Finnerty in District 3, and Britt Wilson in District 1.

We wish to thank all of our members who participated in this year's meeting.  Without you, your cooperative would not be successful.

Below are some of the pictures "snapped" at the meeting.

Below: These were our 2016 Leadership Camp Students (L-R): Ty Paisley, Emily Wright, and Decker Anderson.  Also pictured is Wheatland REA Board President, Bob Brockman.





Below: 2017 REA retirees (L-R):  Ron Nelson, 37 years; Lynelle Brown, 21 years; Jeff Dirks, 35 years.  Also pictured is Don Smith, General Manager.



Below: Jeff Loeske (Lineman) poses with the Slater Womens Club members that cateered the lunch for the Annual Meeting.


Below: Sandra Hranchak (Director and Statewide Director) and Candy Geringer (Director-at-Large) announcing winners of the door prizes.


Below (L-R): Tammy Gonzalez, Jill Goodrich, and LaRon Eller during all the bustle of the day, find time to give the camera a smile.



Below: Power from Tri-State gets his blood drawn... well tries to.




Wheatland REA pays for the blood chemistry profile for the member and spouse.



Les premières maternités sont créées et la profession de médecin obstétricien est inventée. Le médecin autrichien cialis Ignace Philippe Semmelweis découvre bientôt que ces infections sont transmises par les mains des médecins et parvient progressivement à promouvoir une stricte hygiène des soignants avant chaque visite. Dès 1862, Eugène Koeberlé est l'un des premiers à systématiser la chirurgie propre.

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